Our achievements so far

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Meee workshop in school

These are just some of the kind things people who’ve attended our workshops have said about Meee. And as we grow, we hope to hear more.

So far, we’ve piloted the Programme in a series of workshops across North Wales and Cheshire, focused on helping people with confidence and self-esteem issues. These workshops reached over 500 people, ranging from primary-school age classes right up to those approaching retirement. With such a diverse range of participants, it was great to hear that every one of them said that participating in Meee had been a positive experience.

Personal milestones

After coming along to a Meee session, many people started to look towards the future more positively.

Among younger, education-aged groups, inspirations were focused on employment and further education, with participants planning to "work towards university" and "gain football coaching qualifications". Meanwhile, among older trial groups, many were motivated to embark on further training to start new careers, with goals including "do my qualification to work in a nursery" and "go to catering college". Hearing people’s aspirations, and seeing them so motivated towards achieving them, has been a really exciting part of our pilot stage.

Looking to the long term

Although we can’t yet measure the long-term effects of the programme, the feedback from early sessions has been phenomenal - and positive outcomes have already been seen in many cases. We have no doubt that Meee is a unique programme that can help people of all ages to achieve their best and live happier, more content, and successful lives.

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