Our Interview Tips

Our Interview Tips

Interviews can be super intimidating, especially if it’s been a while since you last attended one. The worst bit? It isn’t always clear what exactly the employers are looking for in their ideal candidate. Whilst this awkward situation may seem daunting it is something we can all get better at by practicing and perfecting your interview technique. Just remember, the more you prepare, the better you will feel overall.

What Can We Practice
Step one of acing your job interview is to understand exactly what makes a good interview. This may mean looking into top interview questions to ask your potential employer or what clothes to wear on the big day. With this in mind, consider what you think would make you hire someone if the roles were reversed. Is it a better posture? Eye contact? Presentation? Then ask yourself do you tick all of these boxes and if the answer is no, what can you work on to help you get there?

Tips to Help You Prepare

1. Your appearance
This is an easy step to get right and one that will make a lasting impression on your potential employer. If it is a traditional business environment make sure to dress accordingly as it is likely they will be very strict on dress code. If it is a modern environment, consider attending in a more business casual outfit. There is nothing worse than appearing as though you don’t fit in from the offset. Clean your nails, wash your hair and iron your shirt – these tiny details matter most!

2. Your body language
Did you know that a huge 55% of the way we communicate is through body language? With 38% of communication also being tone of voice which leaves a measly 7% for the words actually spoken. This means that we should always be conscious of the way we hold ourselves and in particular during an interview. Sit up straight and relax your stance, ensure that you are in an engaging position without closing yourself or seeming too confident. This can be easy to get right so long as you take time to consider your body language.

3. Arrive early
Make sure to arrive at your interview at least fifteen minutes early so that you can feel prepared and relax yourself. If you are unsure of where the location is, look it up on Google maps or better yet, do a practice route before the day of your interview. It will give you time to gather yourself as well as leaving a good impression on your timekeeping and organisation skills. These are small details that employer will definitely be noting.

4. Do your homework
Research into the company you will potentially work for is super important and should always be completed before the interview. Take your time over the days leading up to your appointment to really invest in learning all there is to know about your potential employer. This is partly because it is very likely that the employer will ask you “what do you know about us” and on the off chance he/she doesn’t you can show off your newly acquired knowledge which will only boost your points in the long run.

5. Don’t recap your CV
This could be a very obvious one but also an easy mistake to make. The potential employers interviewing you will have already seen your CV and most likely have looked over it several times for you to got to interview stage. Try and come up with something new and different to wow them that might not fit into the context of that all-important two-page document. Perhaps it’s something you excelled at or a time you overcame a difficult time or work. Whatever it is, make sure you use your interview as your time to shine!

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