Kindness Is Key

Kindness Is Key

Kindness makes the world go round. It makes us feel great to be kind to ourselves and makes us feel even better when we are kinder to someone else. Below is a list of our favourite ways to be kind and why it is so good for us:

1. Smiles Are Contagious
Have you heard that Spike Milligan poem? It is one of our absolute favourites! Smiling is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to spread kindness and joy. Many people can go about their day barely raising an eyebrow, giving them a huge smile as you walk past or as you say hello can really boost not only your mood but theirs as well! Next time you see a stranger, smile and see if someone else catches it...

2. Kindness Reduces Anxiety
We can all become wrapped up in our lives and forget about the importance of being kind to others around us. Sharing some compassion and some kindness can really help put things into perspective as well as enabling us to feel good for helping someone else. Put aside your troubles and worries and try to be kind to the next person you interact with.

3. Everyone Is Fighting Their Own War
It's true isn't it? We all feel as though our own problems are the biggest issues in the world when in reality, there is always someone facing something bigger. Be aware that everyone you meet could be facing their own problems and being kind to them may make a huge difference. Kindness costs nothing but can be just what they needed.

4. You Can Make A Connection
We're all human and we all thrive from human connection. Being kind opens up many possibilities to start and develop a relationship or social connection with someone around you. Why not pay for someone's coffee in the line in front of you or offer to help a neighbour? It feels great to be kind and helps to solidify relationships.

5. Being Mean Doesn't Help?
Being nice, being kind and being compassionate really doesn't require much of anyone. It is simple, isn't it? Kindness makes the world a better place so let's all pledge to be better, kinder people.

Not convinced? Being kind may boost your mood, but research has also shown that being in a good mood can make you a happier and more positive person. Which in our book, makes it a wonderful two-way transaction that just keeps giving.

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