What is bullying?

What is bullying?

Author: Laura Sutton

Publish date: 17/11/16

Bullying is when someone is repeatedly singled out, picked on or treated unfairly by another person or group of people; this is done physically or emotionally and can happen anywhere. One place where bullying is a real problem is in our education system, in the UK 22% of students aged 12-18 have experienced bullying at some time during their time at school.

The word bullying covers a wide range of behaviours; generally speaking there are three types of bullying

One type of bullying that is on the rise is cyberbullying. Twenty years ago bullying was been confined to schools however with the rise of social media sites the home is no longer the safe haven it used to be, so far in 2016 the NSPCC has counselled more than 4,500 children who have been cyberbullied, the actual number of children experiencing cyber bullying is thought to be much higher.

Here at Meee we work with vulnerable young people to show them that being different isn’t something to be ashamed of, we give them the tools to help cope with, and put an end to bullying

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