5 Reasons why you should start a diary

5 Reasons why you should start a diary

Do you keep a diary? Or ever thought about why you should?

Some of the most influential, historical figures kept a diary of their lives, recording every moment, good or bad. The journals not only served as a record of history but also providing the writer with relief from their stressful lives.

Here are 5 reasons why keeping a diary could help you.

1. Cathartic Release

Keeping a diary provides us with a sense of cathartic release. This means we are able to feel a sudden expel of stress as it leaves our body and enters the words we write down on paper. This may sound a little silly, but it really works. Much like talking to your partner or a friend about a problem and feeling that sense of relief that you are no longer keeping it to yourself, writing enables to you to separate yourself from the stress and tackle it easier. Your diary suddenly becomes to feel like a therapist and a best friend. Only you and the diary know your secrets, your thoughts, and your feelings. You can revisit past experiences and relive happier or even harder times with a clearer head.

2. Creative Outlet

Need I say more? Many of us often crave that sense of creative energy and writing a diary is an inexpensive, practical way of achieving it. You can write down short stories, draw images or even just write your thoughts. It will be free-flowing non-scripted allowing you to truly explore your writing talents without fear of judgment. The very act of keeping a diary can enable your brain to storm ideas and come up with new words and meanings for your feelings and experiences. Your vocabulary, expression, and writing can all stand to benefit. 

3. Getting Organised

Keeping a diary could mean that you have no choice but to get yourself organised. By committing to writing in a diary every single day you are ensuring that some sort of routine is established in your lives. Maybe you will begin to write down those tasks you completed and those you have neglected. This will enable to you keep an eye on your productivity and ensure you are making the most out of each day. 

4. Your Corner of the Internet

You could start a blog. Have you ever thought about starting a blog online? Many people make a real crack out of making money from writing blogs all about their life. Whether its weight loss and fitness, travel, parenting or baking. There is an endless supply of diaries that are written publicly online. Alternatively, you could start a blog that is just for you. It could be private enabling you to not only improve your IT skills but your writing skills and maybe eventually allow you to go public. Who knows what your blog could become?

5. Memory and Problem Solving

Do you find that you have the worst memory? Maybe it's genetic or maybe it's because you have simply become unobservant amongst the chaos of your day to day lives. Keeping a diary may ensure that you have a detailed recollection of your experiences enabling you to revisit them and experience first-hand your life all over again. As your diary is private, you remove the mental blocks you may have when filtering your language and really put your true thoughts on paper. You may find you come up with creative and interesting solutions to problems that you would have never come up with inside your head. Thus, writing it down becomes a medium for problem-solving.

However, you decide to keep your diary, on paper, online or on your phone make sure that you put down your true thoughts and don't beat yourself up if you miss a day. Try put pen to paper and see how it works for you!


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