Just Meee Podcasts

We’re all celebrities in our own worlds. ‘Just Meee’ celebrates the extraordinary in everyday people who have managed to tough it out and be amazing. We hear from mums, dads, daughters and sons on how they’ve made it, and make it, through the hazards and highlights of this thing we call life. It’s an honour to hear from them and we hope you enjoy their journeys…

#42 Ewen Huffman

"But you’ve gotta have faith!” A wonderful saying and a wonderful mantra. Ewen Huffman has faith and has his faith, and spends his time helping many many others find meaning in life’s challenges and opportunities.
As the first salaried chaplain in the UK construction industry his congregation are in the thousands at Hinkley Point C in Somerset.
This is a wonderful insight into the joy of having and sharing ones faith. Thank you Ewen. x

#41 Dinah Liversidge

Dinah’s life has not been easy and many of us would have given up being as determined as she is. But all of Dinah’s life experiences have earned and taught her some of life’s greatest knowledge and secrets.
She uses this knowledge and secrets to help others realise that they really are ‘Enough’.
Join us on a wonderful journey of life’s secrets, riches and joys.
Thank you Dinah for being you, and really being enough. xx 

#40 Matthew Norford

Matthew has lived a life that many of us can't fathom, yet he has emerged from experiences that are both ordinary and uniquely his own. To have been an active gang member in Manchester and undergone the challenges he faced is remarkable.

What's even more incredible is that he now channels that past to support countless others.

This podcast isn't for the faint-hearted, but it offers a glimpse into the profound lessons life imparts, even from the toughest school of knocks. Thank you, Matthew. xx

Image: Manchester Evening News

#39 Miguel Doforo

Miguel is like so many of the brilliant people in every community in the UK and around the world.

From an early age he realised that mainstream education wasn’t his thing and through following his love of music, performance and creativity became the amazing person he is today. His honesty and his belief is truly beautiful. This podcast is testament to all of us who struggle.

Thank you Miguel for being the dance we all need. xx

#38 Natalie Queiroz MBE

One wintery day in early March 2016, Natalie Queiroz’s world turned upside! This remarkable lady has seen and experienced things none of us can really comprehend. But, through it all Natalie has used her honesty and tenacity to ‘Swim’ and not to ‘Sink’.
This podcast is a thank you to Natalie for sharing her incredible story for us all to just KEEP KICKING! Thank you Natalie, your words will live me, I feel, forever. xx

#37 Russ Jefferys

Welcome to another inspirational podcast featuring an extraordinary individual, Russ Jefferys  the CEO of parkrun. Russ's journey is not just about leadership but about the incredible power of humility and dedication. He's the driving force behind an organisation that places health and happiness at its very heart.

Join us as we delve into the inspiring story of Russ Jefferys, a true leader in every sense, quietly driven and committed to helping others be part of a movement that's changing lives, one run at a time.

#36 Lucy Brazier OBE

Lucy is a wonderful human being. A very special lady and someone who encapsulates and epitomises the word passionate, which she brings to everything she does. I love her ’say yes to life’ mantra and all she does.

Thank you Lucy for your smiles, your wisdom and your generosity. xx


#35 Nick Elston

The word inspiration is inspirational in itself. Nick Elston is an anagram of inspirational. He truly is. Nick is one of the best speakers I have ever met. Not only is his voice utterly delicious but the words he uses are delicious too! 
Thank you Nick you are very special man and a wonderful human being. xx