A World Without Pockets

A World Without Pockets

Have you noticed that the only beings who have pockets are human! Well it’s true apart from a kangaroo, koala and opossum who actually do have them naturally. Unlike ours that are sewn or stuck on, or on or in something like a handbag, case, shirt, jacket, trousers, etc.

The more I live the more I realize how beautifully simple nature is. The cleverness and imagination that Mother Nature has that creates the most amazing and beautiful world. One we kind of take for granted and so often overlook.

The next time you go outside take time to wonder and marvel at what is around you. Look for the simplest of things – the sky. Watch the clouds, listen to the wind, feel the warmth of the sun on your face, or enjoy the wash of the rain. Maybe take a walk just to see what’s around you. Find a park, a field or just marvel at a tree and enjoy what it is you are looking at. You can listen to the worlds greatest orchestra – the birds. Or view the greatest gallery ever built – the flowers and trees. All of which are free and hopefully accessible 24/7.

The amazing thing about nature is that it just gets on with it. No ifs and buts it just is. It just happens and everyday is something new, unique and whoever you are you get to see it in your way. It’s as unique and wonderful as you are.

Whenever I ponder over something I make sure I take more time to look at the things that are around me. I’m lucky in that I have my dog Bilbo, so we get to walk together most days and enjoy nature whatever the weather.  Science says that taking a simple 20 minute walk starts to activate the brain so it increases attention and processing information (thinking). How easy is that. I never regret going for a walk but I always regret not going for one. So when you can, go out and enjoy something that is free to do.

Now you’re most probably thinking why I started with the ‘no pockets’ thing. Well here’s the thing. What we have all around us (nature) is free. It doesn’t need pockets to keep things in it just does what it does. Animals don’t need pockets so try and live your life without doing so too. Lighten the load and take time to really enjoy the things in life that are truly free. The greatest gallery and orchestra is always just outside.

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