Be More Curious

Be More Curious

Ever thought about curiosity? Or curious people? Here at Meee, we think about it A LOT. People who ask the right questions and seek the answers will go on to exceed their potential and live happier lives. But what makes those people curious? How can you expand your curiosity? We’ve accumulated research from our programmes and come up with our top 5 characteristics of curious people:


1.   Ask Questions

Curious people always ask questions and never take anything at face value. They love to harbor knowledge by asking in-depth questions that enable them to gather more information. Many curious people also ask open-ended questions that cannot be answered with yes or no to enable the person to keep talking and delving more and more into the topic of their discussion. If you want to be more curious, make sure you are always looking to find out more about the person you are talking to. There is no such thing as too much knowledge!

2.   Open-minded

One of the key traits of curious people and successful people generally is, having an open mind. Curious people always hope for the best outcome, look for the positive and always prepare to be amazed by whatever situation is put in front of them. Everyone knows something you don’t so be prepared to be amazed by the people you meet and always give them a chance to show you how great they are. Try new things, ask questions and be optimistic.

3.   Listen Without Judgement

A natural human trait is to judge people before they have even uttered a word. We size up those around us and make assumptions based on their appearance, the way they present themselves and the words they use. Curious people, however, refrain from judging people and instead listen to what others have to say. Listening is possibly one of the most underrated skills we as humans have so do your best to keep your ears open and be present in the conversation. You never know what you may find out about someone or what new perspectives you may learn.

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4.   Love of Learning

A deep-rooted love of learning is definitely a trait of curious people. To learn is to fill ourselves with knowledge and imagination. People who are curious love learning and are motivated to acquire new skills or build on existing skills and knowledge that they have in their arsenal. Have a think if there is anything you would like to learn or find out more about. Try read diverse books, blogs, papers, literally anything you can get your hands on. Learning new things really does feel great and you never know what you may discover along the way.

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5.   Creativity

When you think about the above 4 characteristics it is clear to see why creativity goes hand in hand with curiosity. General curiosity leads to more information seeking and obtaining which in turns leads to more motivation and more imagination. Those who ask more questions and seek more answers generally have the most intuitive brains who are not only able to come up with the most creative ideas but are great at problem-solving. If you couldn’t think of a way to boost your creativity, give curiosity a go.

Are you curious? The answer is probably yes. We are all curious in our own way. Nurture the curious child within you and think about how you can develop your skill set.

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