Be More Independent

Be More Independent

Being independent is a vital skill that we all want to accomplish in life. There is a myth that once you move out and live on your own you reach ultimate independence but this isn’t necessarily true. You could find your opinions, work ethics, morals, and mindset all heavily influenced by others. Letting go of this dependence though will help you feel freer to do what you want in life without fear of what other’s opinion is or what might hold you back in the future.

Whether you are about to move out for the first time or find yourself attached to people or things we can help! To feel more dependent, we have compiled a list of our top 5 tips for gaining independence to live a happier, healthier more successful you.

1. Love yourself

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘you can’t love others if you don’t first love yourself’? Well, it’s true! It is so important when gaining independence to be okay with who you are and what you want out of life. You may not necessarily have a clear idea of what the future looks like but by being you and focusing on what makes you happy, you will find yourself no longer dependant on others or things for happiness. Learn to be strong, put behind your mistakes and learn from the past. Make a conscious decision to be you regardless of other’s opinions and not to mention that by accepting who you are will prevent you from trying to be someone else.

2. Stay emotionally independent

We always say that we should utilise our support network, whether it is made up of friends or family they care about us and are there to help, right? This is, of course, true but in order to be independent, you should rely on them sparingly. Try and remember that the only person who is truly there for you is you. I know this is hard but it’s a great way to deal with difficult situations on your own in a productive, proactive way. It is, of course, okay to get attached to a few people in your life but just avoid allowing these people to determine your happiness. That is all up to you!

3. Be self-motivated

In order to be truly independent, we all know that you have to rely on you and only you. This means that you have to be your number one cheerleader, you are the person who will push you to achieve more, learn more and discover more! Be tough on yourself and break habits of procrastination and replace it with a structured plan for your time and your life in general. Try and remember that the most successful people aren’t necessarily the best looking, brightest or talented but are usually the hardest working. Find what motivates you and get out there and do it!

4. Do your research

It is so easy to accept the information that you receive a second hand from others and therefore forms our opinions based on what other people think and relate to. To be more independent though, try and watch the news and make sure you get it from a variety of sources. Do your own research, come up with the answers on your own and I bet you will find you have an entirely new perspective on life. This will help you talk to people from all works of life, develop your empathy and improve your mindset. Try and make a goal to read as much as possible - maybe books, newspapers or even blogs.

5. Stop caring about what other people think

This is the number one most important tip for anyone who is looking to become more independent. If you rely on others for approval or if you if you depend on others to tell you what clothes are the cutest or what music are is most popular, you will never be true to who you are. Who cares what is currently fashionable or popular? Make your own decisions on what you are wearing, on your choice of career or your lifestyle decisions. They are your own decisions, not anyone else’s. You will find yourself much happier if you are being you and not caring about the judgment of others.

You may find that becoming independent may time more time than you initially thought but by taking careful, thought out steps you can find yourself feeling stronger and less dependent on those that only bring us down. Self-development courses and books can certainly help to improve your mindset, confidence, and self-belief. Sid’s book, Meee In A Minute could be a great starting point for anyone looking to improve their lives.