Being Creative

Being Creative

On our Meee Employment programme this week we were surrounded by likeminded creatives who loved to draw, use colour and get creative. It got us thinking about the importance of creativity in everyday life and using your artistic flair can be far more beneficial than you may realise!

They say that "the creative adult is the child who survived" and it's true. Being creative is fundamental to problem-solving, being resourceful, dealing with stressful work situations and starting your own business. We must think outside of the box in order to bring something new to that company. 

Getting creative doesn't necessarily mean to just have fun with something, it means hours of hard and work dedication to finding solutions to life’s everyday problems. Every great painter, writer, and musician has to go out there and find their Muse in order to create the wonderful art that they do. We must get out there and look for the things that inspire us to get creative. 

With this in mind, it's often fear that prevents us from taking the first step towards success. Every creative idea or inspiring thought can be daunting and without proper enthusiasm and determination may amount to nothing. Taking that initial step towards making your dreams a reality requires resilience, creativity, and drive.

So we urge you to get in touch with your creativity and take a chance on those unique ideas that come to your brain. You never know what they might lead to. 

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