Five Fun Things To Do With Friends

Five Fun Things To Do With Friends

Being social comes naturally to others but for some, it can present quite a challenge. To up your social game, we recommend taking some time to work on your friendships by doing fun and social activities that cost next to nothing. Go for a walk, a picnic or maybe even host a games night - the possibilities are endless.

1. Go for a walk

Living in and around Wales means we are surrounded by beautiful coast, hills, and valleys. Take your friends with you and go for a long walk be it rain or shine. Not only will you feel the physical benefits but having your friends around will make time go quicker as well as giving you a chance to be social and away from technology.

2. Have a picnic

Eating out these days costs an arm and a leg but, going out for a picnic costs no more than eating at home would. Make yourself some sandwiches, take some fruit and a blanket to sit on. Simply chat the day away or perhaps take a ball for some lowkey exercise in the great outdoors.

3. Host a games night

Get your friends together in one house and host one heck of a games night. Monopoly, cards or even dominoes are great, fun ways to interact with your friends as well as bring out your competitive side. Playing games not only encourages you to think strategically but also is a great, free way to be social. (Note: You can usually buy board games for charity shops super cheap).

4. Go to the library

Although you have to be quiet whilst you're in there, going to the library is a great free way to get a hold of your favourite novels. Ask your friends to go in and pick a book for you and make a game out of trying a new genre. Maybe this could develop into a great reading group, widening your reading and expanding your friendship group in turn.

5. Do up the garden

There is something very therapeutic about having a good garden with flowers blooming and vegetables growing. Take a chance to ask your friends to do up your back yard or maybe even give someone else a hand with theirs. It's a chance to get out in the outdoors, put aside your phone and chat while you work.

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