How Nature Can Improve Our Wellbeing

How Nature Can Improve Our Wellbeing

Your wellbeing is extremely important. It can affect how confident you are, how you react to situations and can promote positive self-esteem. Good mental wellbeing will allow you to better control your emotions and can positively impact your work, social and home life. Within this articele, we will discuss how nature can help improve your wellbeing, both mental and physical wellbeing.

Reduces Stress
Research suggests that just 10 minutes in a natural setting can help reduce stress. With tight deadlines and higher workload, work can be a big cause of this. It’s important to try and factor in a lunch break at work and if you are fortunate enough to work close to a park or natural place of beauty then this would be a great opportunity to get some much needed fresh air.

Improve creativity and help problem-solving
Suffering from writer’s block? Struggling with a tricky situation? Take some time out and go for a walk, find somewhere quiet where you can relax your mind. You will find it a lot easier to concentrate when you get back, but it may also give you mind space for some great ideas.

Reduce Depression
Research has found that people who suffer from depression can benefit from taking a 50-minute walk in a natural setting. The study found nature can help improve cognition which is the process of acquiring knowledge and understanding. When it comes to something as serious as depression, dedicating just an hour to go for a walk really isn’t a big ask. Especially as it can have such a positive impact.

Physical Health
Taking a walk through the woods or exploring open spaces means you will usually be breathing in cleaner air. Fresh and clean air helps increase the flow of oxygen, which in turn can improve blood pressure, improve your immune system, and clean your lungs.

Meet New People
Whether you randomly meet new people on your walks or find that a colleague or friend is interested in coming along with you. It is also worth searching on social media for groups local to you. You’ll find discussions around new areas and routes to explore, and some even plan meetings and group walks.