Laughter is the best medicine

Laughter is the best medicine

You have to admit, it feels so good to have a laugh. Whether you like cheesy phrases like "laughter is the medicine: one or not, laughing seriously does have the ability to improve your health. Laughing brings people together in ways that trigger healthier physical and emotional changes in our body.

Laugher seems to establish a connection between people, or indeed restore it. By sharing a joke or a giggle together you find that laughter actually draws people together making us feel more social, confident and happy. Have you ever found yourself mad at your other half or someone close to you and found that by making you laugh all of the anguish is forgotten and replaced with smiles? That is because laughing really does strengthen your relationship.

Are you still skeptical? Perhaps you are right to be so. Scientists say however, humour can actually lower your stress and anxiety levels. Humour is a way of putting everyday problems into perspective, increasing your ability to deal with stressful situations in which you may find yourself anxious and frustrated. It helps us to see the funny side of a bad situation and put aside negative feelings. Don’t forget, laughter is also contagious – if you and your family are growing through a tough time, having a laugh with everyone may bring you all together, boosting everybody’s mood at the same time.

There is also research that suggests laughter enhances your job performance, especially if you work in a creative or problem-solving environment. By sharing a laugh with your colleagues you are more likely to want to get up in the morning and be productive, social and positive. Completing tasks is never easier than in a space where you can laugh and work happily. 

Laughter really does seem to benefit our lives immensely and is something we could all do more of. Its role in intimate relationships is seriously underestimated and it really could be the glue to successful marriages. It enables us all to be synchronized and feels lighter.

Try cracking a joke with someone close to you or even share a laugh where you would otherwise be reserved and see how you feel!

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