Our Favourite Podcasts

Our Favourite Podcasts

The term “self-care” has become somewhat of a buzzword in our contemporary world. In a society where we are more open about mental illness, we are able happy to discuss ways in which to stay healthy, positive and proactive in our work and in our everyday lives. However, in an age of emails, social media, working from home and smartphones we are all prone to the stresses that not switching off provides.

If you find yourself feeling stressed, vulnerable, overworked or perhaps unmotivated we would really recommend listening to a podcast. You can listen whilst driving to work, commuting on a train, at home on the sofa or even on a run. They can be a really helpful resource in combatting stress and giving you much needed self-care strategies.

These are some of our favourite shows. They offer a wealth of advice on how to go about including mindfulness into your life but also provide you with honest conversations about mental health, meditation and that work-life balance we all strive for.

Happy Place
Hosted by Fearne Cotton, she expands on her novel Happy that she wrote back in 2017. On her podcast, she interviews tons of high profile friends and celebrities about their experiences with mental health issues and how they have learned to overcome troubled times by finding joy in life. Guests include Dawn French, Paloma Faith, and Matt Haig. Her podcast is upbeat, positive and insightful. This is a great listen for anyone who lives a fast-paced, busy life or anyone who likes to delve more into popular lives. A really interesting podcast. Link to Happy Place

The Minimalists
Two fellas, Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus (AKA The Minimalists) have built a career around helping people learn how to live with less. In this podcast, they discuss ideas about how to live a life disconnected from social media and the benefits of living a slow, minimalist life. The two guys often discuss positive energy thieves and the importance of removing toxic relationships from your life. Some of their advice can be very extreme (ie. get rid of all your materialistic possessions), but they often share sensible and relatable tips for living a happier, more positive life. Link to The Minimalists

This podcast, as the title suggests, focuses on the importance of self-care. The two speakers, Sarah James, and Kristen Howerton discuss a healthier approach to our everyday lives that encourages us to be more mindful and to take time for ourselves. Sarah is a blogger, and Kristen Is a psychotherapist and together they bring both social opinions and scientific research together to create a super refreshing and interesting take on mental health, mindfulness, and self-care. This is a great listen for anyone who prefers expert advice in a more digestible, actionable context. Link to Selfie

Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations
We all want to be Oprah’s best friend and with her podcast, we can certainly gain more of an insight into this wonderful lady’s mind. Oprah has always advocated to “live your best life” to her fans and it comes with no surprise that she has turned her advice into this great podcast. During the show, Oprah interviews a wide range of people from thought-leaders to best-selling authors and even those who she refers to have as spiritual luminaries. Oprah and her guests chat about health, wellness and appropriate and effective ways to stay healthy during the ever-changing world. Link to Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations

The Thrive Global Podcast
If you don’t know Arianna Huffington’s story, do a quick google search all about her previous neglectful ways as the story suggests she would work 18-hour days and work herself into complete exhaustion. In his podcast, she interviews a lot of people that contain a wealth of advice about how we can prevent burnout at work but also protect ourselves from overwork. Arianna has made a pact to safeguard her own wellbeing and is forthcoming in ways for you all to do the same. This is an excellent podcast for anyone who finds themselves working too hard and not taking enough time for themselves. Link to The Thrive Global Podcast

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