Practice Self-care

Practice Self-care

Self-care has become a hot topic in recent times, particularly with the developing acceptance and open discussion of mental health and in truth, it's never been more important than it is right now. When we say self-care, we refer to making positive and proactive steps to improve your lifestyle and your thinking in hopes that this will help you to be more successful and optimistic overall. We know that this can be super tricky and for most of us, it certainly doesn't come naturally. To help everyone out, we have compiled a list of our top ten tips for introducing self-care into your life. We hope at least one of them helps:

1. Stop Over-thinking

Many of us spend so much time worrying, replaying events over and over again in our heads but what's the benefit? The truth is, we don't have the answer to all of life’s problems nor the ability to take back things we've said or done so for the sake of your own mental health, stop over-thinking. I know it's easier said than done but really try and distract yourself whenever you find your brain wander back into this cycle of replaying events. It doesn't help and you'll feel lighter and happier in the long run.

2. Don't Compare with Others

As humans, we naturally strive for perfection and when we see what others have we have found ourselves feeling unsatisfied and annoyed that we don't have the same things or look the same way. But comparing ourselves to others takes away the satisfaction of being ourselves, of appreciation for our lives and most importantly, our happiness. Everyone has their own unique story so don't worry about comparing your experiences to anyone else’s. Be yourself and be there for other people because comparison and envy, never helped anyone.

3. Scare Yourself

Have you heard the quote "too much stress inhibits learning but too little stress also inhibits learning"? For us, it's one we live by. We must push ourselves to achieve more and put ourselves in situations we may find difficult as this is key to personal development. Without stress and fear, we won't grow. I know this sounds super daunting so perhaps start small and work your way out of your comfort blanket one step at a time. Whatever it is or however you do it just make sure to never allow yourself to become comfortable with life, strive for more!

4. Unplug

In an age of constantly developing technology and the added stress of social media, we really recommend taking some time to unplug from the world. This might mean going out for a walk without your phone or perhaps sitting and reading a book rather than watching TV, the important part is separating yourself from the idyllic internet world and spend some time being on your own without technology as a distraction. Getting outside will quite literally feel like a breath of fresh air for you and will leave you feeling renewed and relaxed by the time you get home. We neglect our mental health by not giving ourselves time to process our thoughts, unplugging can really aid with this.

5. Exercise Regularly

We know that exercise is a taboo word for some people but it really does help a great deal. Try and start off by going for those walks I mentioned earlier or perhaps cycling with your family. Exercise provides essential time to think and process your thoughts as well as helping to tire your body out. We accumulate so much energy that we don’t burn off through lack of exercising which can make us feel restless and overthink all of the time. Exercise is obviously also good for our bodies in the long run and an essential part of self-care is looking after you!

6. Practice Forgiveness

Holding onto a grudge never did anyone any favours so in order to feel happier, try and let go of those burdens and practice forgiveness. Treat forgiveness as one of your most powerful allies and forgive yourself and others for things that may have happened in the past. Anger, grudges, resentment, and pain are heavy emotions to carry on your shoulders every day and learning to let them go and practice forgiveness instead will help you feel lighter and more positive over time.

7. Have 'You' Time

A number one tip for anyone wanting to improve their self-care is, of course, ensuring you have time for you. It's so easy to neglect time alone especially if you are a parent or work full time, days can go buy in a blur and setting time aside to spend on your own just isn't an option. However, your time is so important, it helps you relax and reinvigorate yourself to feel more motivated and more positive throughout the busy weeks. Have a hot bath with a book or go out to the gym on your own. Whatever you choose to do, make sure to make time for you. 

8. Avoid Negative Thinking

We all know that one person who always brings down the mood of any conversation - we like to call them, positive energy thieves. Don't allow negative thinking, bad thoughts or rude judgment bring down your positive outlook on life. Avoid hanging around with those people that only wish to bring you down and try and keep your thoughts positive and optimistic. A great example of this is to decide before you leave for a journey that there will be bad traffic - you don't know this for a fact so don't allow it to make you upset or frustrated. If you find that there is bad traffic when you get there to do your best to give an old shrug of the shoulders and remember that everyone else around you is in the same boat. I know it sounds easier said than done but it really will make a huge difference to your life.

9. Embrace Your Imperfections

This is key to anyone's happiness. We know it's difficult and believe us, we all have those things we hate about ourselves but if you truly want to practice self-care, embrace those imperfections. You may think that imperfections are your weakness but we believe they are your strength, your shining light as it were. Wear them proudly, because we all have them and chances are what you may not like about yourself, someone else will love about you.

10. Be You

Last but certainly not least. Be you. Don't be sorry for who you aren't, be proud of everything you are, everything you have achieved and everything you stand for. You are seriously amazing and being true to yourself will help you live a happier life. 

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