Teacher Appreciation

Teacher Appreciation

As we enter exam periods here in the UK it is easy to focus on the numbers then it is to focus on the people involved. With that in mind, today is all about appreciating our beloved educators, those we call teachers.

Do you ever remember your favourite teacher? That one person who could make you smile and forget that you were in a classroom, engrossed in learning and knowledge? Yeah! Me too. Those who teach with passion and flair make learning enjoyable and easy. 

A quote from Brad Henry states that:

"A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instill a love for learning."

This is so very true for those who work within the education system today. Teaching requires imagination, knowledge and above all resilience. With looming inspections and grade requirements, teachers can feel the pressure to achieve just as much as students can.

Meee has recently spent some time with some teachers from Flint High School and we often discuss the importance of remembering why they teach and to teach students to love what they learn.  Young people need to learn through love not through fear to ensure they are passionate and engaged about the subjects they study.

So, if you know anyone who has inspired you or ignited a passion for learning, make sure to take time to appreciate them today for pushing us harder to achieve our goals and more. 

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