Tips To Positively Influence Your Life

Tips To Positively Influence Your Life

Throughout life, we stumble across both positive and negative influencers that impact our lives in a variety of ways. It is true though that the best person to positively enhance your life however, is you! Change can only happen if we act it to do so, perhaps for you, that means cooking a healthier meal, practicing meditation or simply smiling more. Whichever way you choose, we can all do more to make our lives happier and more fulfilled. Check out our top 5 tips to kick start your positive change:

1. Clean your house

I know this may seem like an obvious one but getting rid of unwanted clutter and rubbish can really help lift your mood. It is amazing how many negative subliminal messages are sent to the brain when we see that same pile of clothes in the corner of the bedroom or those newspapers you were meant to throw out. A sure way to make yourself feel more positive is to get rid of it! Make a conscious effort to not hoard or hold onto things and keep your living space as tidy and clean as possible. Set yourself some daily chores that you can follow that will help keep your mind clear from unnecessary stress and chaos.

2. Improve your communication skills

A number one underrated skill of 2018 is listening. Yes, I know, listening? that sounds bizarre since when was listening to a skill? I hear you ask. Well, during this age of technology we have all become master communicators via email or messages but we have lost our ability to truly have a good conversation. When you next chat to someone in person try and keep your mind open, your ears ready and your mouth closed. Being willing to listen will make you a better listener and communicator. Everyone is individual and we all have something unique about us so allow yourself to be inspired by someone else. You never know what you may learn by fine-tuning your listening skills.

3. Spread Smiles

Smiling is one of the most infectious gestures we use as a human race. If you smile at someone in the street, then I bet they will smile back at you. Practice this when you are next outside, in a supermarket or on public transport. You never know how someone else is feeling and you may just find that it boosts their mood by having a stranger smile at them. Ask the cashier about their day or compliment someone on their outfit, small gestures mean the world to someone else and you'll find it makes us feel great too. It's a mutual exchange of positivity that costs nothing.

4. Practice meditation

This is such a great one for anyone who struggles to switch off in the evening or finds themselves overthinking and worrying about the tiniest of details. Meditation allows you and your brain time to truly relax and go to a place of serenity. I know it sounds very hippyish but it really does work. Find yourself a quiet corner, light some candles or go in the outdoors and breathe in some fresh air - whatever you do just make sure you clear your mind and genuinely relax. Maintaining a healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body.

5. Have a healthy diet

This is an obvious one, we all know it. Healthy eating = better life. The truth is that this can sometimes be difficult, particularly if you like to eat out or find yourself living a chaotic life. I would suggest, however, taking the time to prep your meals or even writing a dedicated meal plan for during busier times. It helps you stay on course and also saves you time in the evening. Healthy eating will leave your body filled with more energy making it easier to get up each morning and tackle the day. What we eat has a direct link to our productivity so give yourself a positive boost by carrying around healthier snacks and cooking each meal from scratch, it'll make the world of difference.

Being more positive will affect not only our home lives but our work lives as well so however you chose to make a difference, make sure that you are the driving force behind it. We are all capable of truly amazing things and it’s up to us to ensure that change happens.

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