Turn Your Bad Day Around

Turn Your Bad Day Around

Do you ever have those mornings where everything is truly going wrong and think, "today is going to be a bad day"? The truth is, it happens to all of us. Sometimes we find ourselves overcome with negative emotion to the point where our day gets worse and worse to the point of no return. It is, however, scientifically proven that you can change the course of your day.

We have compiled some of favourites ways to turn your rubbish day into a good one. You can do most of these at home or even at work if you find yourself overcome with negativity.

1. Embrace your mood
On our course, we always say "Honor, Indulge, Move on". It is OKAY to allow yourself the time to feel pants if the mood takes you. In fact, it is probably better to do so rather than keep them bottled up to yourself. Have a cupcake, take a small nap or watch some TV - whatever it is that will help you indulge that bad energy. Once you have done this though, it is really important you move on from it. Give yourself a time limit of one evening or an hour to really process your feelings then make sure you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get up feeling awesome.

2. Go for a walk
This may seem like we are stating the obvious, but getting yourself out there for some fresh air and time to think can do wonders if you are having a bad day. If you are at work, use your lunch time to go out for a small stroll whilst you eat. Experts say that spending just 20 minutes outside getting exercise can make a notable difference to your mood that lasts up to 12 hours. By doing this, you will find that you arrive back at your task feeling reinvigorated with a new sense of motivation and determination.

3. Take time for you
Yes, we literally mean "Me Time". Turning a bad day around could be as easy as taking some time out for yourself.  It is so important that you stay connected with your support network but sometimes, we need some time for ourselves, to truly be alone with our thoughts and feelings. Maybe do a little reading before work if that is your thing or go and take a nice hot bubble bath - do whatever it is that makes you feel relaxed.

4. Change your routine
Life is a huge adventure. We don't say it often enough that being "comfortable" can sometimes be the biggest mistake we make. With this in my mind to turn around your bad day, try switching up the day-to-day things you do! Go pick up lunch from a new place, listen to a new album on Spotify, try out a new book genre, sit in a different seat, visit a new place - do anything that is out of the ordinary for you. You will find that it feels so good to try something new. Your day will change from being bad to that day you remember that new experience you wouldn't have otherwise had. 

5. Be introspective
This is so important to turn around your bad day. By introspection, we mean looking inwards, into your own mind and emotional processes to consider how you may have played a part in why your day hasn't turned out so well. It's so easy to become passive and blame other people or everything else for why we aren't feeling particularly positive but sometimes it's so important to be proactive and to look at the small changes we can make to our lives that will result in a better outcome. The key here is to be introspective without beating yourself up. Be constructive, not destructive.

However, you find yourself at today be sure to try your best to remain positive. We know that some days this is easier than others but using these techniques to help prevent those monotonous, negative emotions entering your system might just be that positive kick you need to keep moving forward.

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