Unwinding After Work

Unwinding After Work

Here at Meee we always talk about the importance of making sure our foot is always on the gas, accelerating us towards a better, bright future. It's true, however, that we should also allow ourselves time to unwind and relax. Many individuals find they are unable to escape the pressures of work when at home and find it next to impossible to ignore emails and allow themselves time to truly unwind. Studies show that 70% of employees find it difficult to switch off after work and a huge 25% of these people would consider themselves to be chronic worriers.

The inability to separate from work has been associated with numerous health problems including; fatigue, negative mood, restlessness and sleep disturbance. In order to tackle this inability to disengage we have come up with 5 great ways to unwind after work:

1. Finish your work, at work.

It is super important that once you have started the task, to leave it at work. Don't be tempted to bring it home and start working on it outside of work hours, this will leave you feeling resentful for the extra hours you have put in as well as causing you unnecessary stress during your home time. Make a list of jobs to be done at your desk the next day and be ready to tackle each thing again in the morning. 

2. Take regular breaks.

Whether you are working from home or in your office make sure that you allow yourself regular breaks. This is important to keep your concentration on point but also to allow your eyes time to rest after staring at a computer screen or just focusing on a task in general. Getting up to get yourself a cool glass of water or a cuppa can help you relax your brain for a short minute or two, ready to arrive back at your desk with determination to complete your next task.

3. Have your lunch away from work.

This is super important. Make sure to take yourself on a little walk at lunchtime to stretch your legs, relax your eyes and clear your mind. We all know that it's great to socialise with your work colleagues though so this perhaps isn't necessary every day. Try this tip when you are feeling particularly distracted or disengaged from your task. Taking your mind for a walk whilst you refuel will enable you to arrive back at your desk feeling reinvigorated and refreshed.

4. Run a warm bubble bath.

There is nothing more relaxing that submerging in a super warm bubble bath at the end of a crazy busy day. Take some time to listen to some relaxing music, close your eyes and relax in the tub. The bath (or even a shower if that's your thing) is a great place to separate yourself from tech and really allow yourself to unwind. If you are feeling adventurous, try adding some lavender bath liquid to your water, this will help rid you of stress and prepare you for a lovely night’s sleep.

5. Work out.

A great way to release some frustration or stress after a busy week at work is exercise. I know this may seem ridiculous as some may think that exercise is the last thing on your mind if you are feeling frustrated but this could be just the way to help release you of all the negative energy. Group sessions can be a really great way of burning off some of that exercise energy (which will help you relax at home) and to socialise outside of work and meet new people.

Life is all about balance, too much work can leave you feeling exhausted and frustrated, too little work can make you feel isolated and lost. Even if you take one of these tips on board, however, you may find yourself feeling more relaxed both at home and at work!


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