What To Do This Summer

What To Do This Summer

Staying busy during the summer is paramount, particularly if you have kids to keep occupied. The expense and the pressure to prevent boredom, however, we understand can be really daunting especially in an age where technology seems to be the favoured past time. It doesn't have to be all about gadgets though, games, outdoor picnics and visits to your local city can all provide fun, meaningful family time in whatever weather.

With this in mind, we have had a look at some fun activities you can do with your family, some are free and others are a small cost. Whatever you decide to do this summer, make sure to have a great time and appreciate every moment with your family and friends. 

1. Visit a Museum

Throughout the summer, local museums will provide entertainment for your little ones in the form of fun activities. We suggest looking at your local facilities and checking out their website to see what is on. In Liverpool, the museums are free to enter and have everything from Finding Nemo to ancient fossils. Museums provide you and the family with educational learning that is in a fun, friendly, relaxed environment. 

2. Join Scouts

You may find that many scouts groups start with the school year timetable but some will take on new members for their field trips, hiking and camping events. This would be a great way for any kid to get involved with a group, meet new friends and feel confident enough to earn their badges in the autumn, Groups like these costs just a few pounds a week and give your kids tons of fun and practical learning. 

3. A Day Out at the Local Park

There are so many parks around us that are free to enter and provide an entire day of fun and exploring. Pick Chester park for example that is filled with local wildlife, open fields to kick a ball in and plenty of space for a family picnic. It's a chance to get in the outdoors, which can be tricky for those who live in the city, and a way for your kids to disconnect from technology and enjoy some fun with the family. 

4. Baking

Get yourself and the kids in the kitchen and have a go at making something new. Whether you have ever tried making cupcakes or rice crispy squares, get to the supermarket and give it a go. It's a fun way to spend your afternoon that feels super rewarding once you get the end result. If baking isn't in your thing, have the kids help out making dinner one evening - it's a great way to teach them to follow instructions and get creative in the kitchen. 

5. Bike Ride

We are so lucky here in Wales to have access to some of the most beautiful scenery. Grab your bike and cycle over to your local park, the field of the seafront. It's a great, safe way to get some exercise but also see the sites that Wales has to offer. Organized bike rides are great family fun and you can always stop for ice cream to top the day off. 

6. Go to the Library

Often our local libraries are overlooked and people don't utilise them as much as they should. Head over to your county library and join in their summer reading challenge! It's a great way to encourage you to get out there and meet new people, read books and give your children a sense of purpose over the summer months. Reading is also a super way to spend your day, particularly in those rainier days of British summer, it encourages better vocabulary, writing skills and of course, literacy. 

7. Host a Sleepover

I am sure that having many kids over for a night can send you into an overdrive of panic but having a go at planning a sleepover for your kids to invite their friends can be a great way for them to socialize throughout summer. If you have a long weekend off work plan some games, get some snacks and set up a cozy den. The little ones will love to help out building forts and will appreciate some time with their friends. We all remember how fun it was to have your friends stay over. 

8. Set Up an Outdoor Cinema

Set up a TV (on dry days of course) outside in your back garden. This will be so exciting to any kids who are used to watching movies inside by giving the same experience in a new and exciting way. maybe make some hotdogs on the BBQ and make some popcorn on the hob, the kids will love an at home experience that gives them the chance to make their own snacks and enjoy a movie at home with half the cost.

9. Have a Day at the Beach

We all know that the British weather can be super unpredictable. This year, however, we have been blessed with glorious sunshine. If you have a day off or during the weekend, head over to your local beach. For those of you who are coastal, this will seem like an obvious tip but in reality, many of us avoid British beaches more than we should. Make some sandwiches, grab a blanket and a ball. It will give the whole family some much needed time in the outdoors as well as providing them with essential fun. 

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