What Truly Matters

What Truly Matters

We have been thinking a lot recently about what truly matters. It's easy to focus on work, meetings, material goods or perhaps even the negative things in life. Maybe you are surrounded by positive energy thieves or your friends don't fully support your dreams - either way, we often find that our focus isn't where it should be.

We tend to get distracted by fear, responsibilities, egos, and drama in our own life. Sometimes this can be necessary but for the most part, we put all of our energy into the things that won't help us in the long run. This is something that the majority of us can certainly relate to.

As humans, we focus too much on filling our time. We make meetings, dedications, and commitments to extracurricular activities to fill our time. Maybe it's that extra gym class or the piano lessons for your children, we fill every ounce of our life with "stuff" that doesn't truly mean anything. We need to take time for ourselves, to sit back and be present at the moment, to experience life as it happens.

It can be too easy to disengage from the real world and separate ourselves from love and joy altogether. Watching TV in the evenings or spending all of our time on social media can allow us to live outside of our own lives and shift our attention away from those things that are really important.

To ensure we spend time on the people that really matter in our lives, make a list of things that mean the most to you. Maybe this is your family, friends or your career. Whatever it is, make sure it's the right thing for you and not because society expects it of you.

Never again focus on the number of likes on your status or the number of meetings you have next week. Take time to experience life, to love the things that truly matter to you and will make your life richer and more fulfilling. 

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