Working From Home and Improved Wellbeing

Working From Home and Improved Wellbeing

Employees are now starting to see the huge benefits to their mental wellbeing by working from home. Even before lockdown, the current pandemic saw an increase in employees working from home. In fact, a study found that 88% of organisations have encouraged or required employees to work from home in the days leading up to the lockdown but how exactly has this improved their wellbeing.

Work-Life balance

The average morning commute is 59 minutes, and that’s not even including the morning ritual of getting ready! Factor in your commute home and you’ve probably wasted nearly 2 hours, for something that you could most likely do from home. That extra time can be vital to give you the flexibility to do so much more! Whether that’s fitting in some extra workouts, spending time with loved ones, relaxing or even reconnecting with some meditation.

Fewer Distractions, More Focus

Okay, so this one may differ for each household, especially when any children are at home. If you are fortunate enough to have a dedicated room or study to work from then you may find you are less distracted. Seeing your colleagues in the office is great, however, it’s easy to get caught up with them. A 30 second top-up at the watercooler can easily turn into a 10-minute debate about last weekend’s antics. Chances are you’ll easily be able to enter a flow at home, meaning you can really knuckle down and focus on that big project.


You may be fortunate enough to have your travel covered by your employer, but this is becoming a rarity. Mix that in with your daily coffee from your favourite barista, add on a pastry and the daily costs start to add up! That money can now be used to spruce up your home office, or even save up for that much-deserved beach break (social distancing dependant).

It’s Easier to make Calls

Sometimes it can feel overwhelming making a quick call to a client, or even a hassle to book the conference room. Working from home will help eliminate those pains. Granted, if you have little ones running around then they may interfere, but everyone is in the same boat. Need to set up a conference call? You don’t need to worry about all the attendees being in the same place, the only variable is time.

Easier to maintain a healthy diet

With access to a full kitchen, you can easily whip up a healthy lunch or grab a healthy snack. Gone are the days of leaving your lunch at home and having to grab a boring and usually unsatisfying meal deal. Or even realising that lovely salad you made has spent the past couple of hours in your car slowly cooking away. You can still prepare your food in the morning, giving you time to use your lunch for a much-needed walk.

Less office politics

Sometimes its very easy to get drawn into tedious office gossip about who said what to whom. It can also be a huge mental drain that can distract you for the rest of the day. By not being in the thick of it, working from home means you can opt-out of the drama. Fed up of getting weird looks from that colleague you forgot to offer coffee to, well now you only to get yourself that much-needed caffeine fix.