World Book Day

World Book Day

Thursday, March 1st is official World Book Day! Today is a day all about celebrating reading and our love for a good book. For some of you, you may read all the time already but for others, reading was left behind at school. But why should we read again in adulthood? We have compiled a list of our favourite 7 reasons you should pick up a book today!

1. Workout for your brain

In order to stay healthy, we move our bodies. Much like our bodies, our brains need to move too. Reading is demanding on your brain, in a neurological way. This means your brain is getting some well-needed exercise as it digests new information. Mental stimulation is linked to the prevention of dementia and Alzheimer as many studies have shown!

2. Knowledge

Interested in a new topic? Want to learn something new? Start by reading! It exposes you to a wealth of knowledge that you won't find anywhere else. If you are interested in romance, sci-fi, historical fiction or even children's literature - you will find yourself taking in a whole new load of interesting facts.

3. Personality growth

Reading any artistic literature, from romance to historical fiction can encourage you to be more empathetic and understanding. The process of reading is like getting to know a new person, you know their thoughts and their feelings - much like a conversation. It encourages you as a reader to examine your own emotions and behaviors and makes you open to a whole new world of experiences. 

4. Stress reduction

Isolating yourself can sometimes sound like a bad idea. When we discuss stress reduction, often we encourage surrounding yourself with the people who make you feel happy. When it comes to reading, you tend to throw yourself into a new world (isolation) if you like, enabling you to give your mind space to relax and re-think stressful situations. 

5. Focus and concentration

We seem to spend hours on our smartphones, laptops, and tablets these days. So much so, we often end up multi-tasking and never actually giving our full attention to one thing. Reading requires you to give 100% of your focus to the book. You are unable to stray away and look at something else, improving your all round focus and concentration skills.

6. Relaxation

A good book can be gripping, taking you away to a whole new dimension. other mediums, such as a good article might move for your focus, allowing you to get away from all the stress in your life for a little while. We all know how easy it is to overthink our problems, reading enables you to take a break so that you can have a clear head next time try and find a solution.

7. Better writing skills

As you begin to read more books, you expose your mind to more words. This, in turn, means that your own vocabulary is expanding. Being articulate and well-spoken can be super useful in any profession giving you the confidence to speak to anyone higher-up and important. This can be an enormous boost to self-esteem!

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