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For Educators
From students to staff and leadership teams we’ve helped thousands in education find their magic and transform their futures

What challenges are educators facing today?


of education professionals have experienced behavioural, psychological or physical symptoms due to their work, and 31% have experienced a mental health issue in the past academic year1.


of pupils reporting a worsening of their mental health in the past academic year2.


of education professionals (59% of senior leaders) have considered leaving the profession due to pressures on their health and wellbeing3.

What are we seeing in education providers like yours?

As educators, you face many challenges on a daily basis. Staff wellbeing, pupil satisfaction, academic attainment and attendance have never been under such pressure. 62% of education professionals describe themselves as stressed, rising to 77% of senior leaders.

These challenges - a mix of emotional, financial, social and political - need to be tackled successfully while still delivering high quality education that helps young people develop into confident, successful, lifelong learners.

Your staff are feeling the effects of the constant drive to increase academic standards with scarcer resources. This has come at a cost, with staff and student wellbeing, and the wider inclusion agenda, rarely given enough time to develop into rounded and resilient people.

What are we seeing in young people?

The pressure on pupils is leading to poor wellbeing and an increase in mental health conditions. In the last three years, the likelihood of young people having a mental health problem has increased by 50% - one in six young people, or five in every classroom of 30, are now likely to have a mental health problem.

Young people have little sense of direction, control and identity in their lives, especially for those marginalised by gender, ethnicity or socio-economic background.

The career hopes and dreams of young people in the UK are at odds with the types of jobs available. Moreover, their intra-personal skills like adaptability, problem solving, self-discipline, self-motivation and self-monitoring and leadership skills are seriously underdeveloped.

How can we help you?

We believe that where you start in life shouldn’t determine where you end up - everyone matters and has the magic, skills and ability to be more. With the right thinking, tools and practices, each and every one of us - students, staff and leaders - can be more engaged, more energised, more enabled to show how amazing we are when at our best.

We have a range of programmes and delivery methods that can help everyone within your setting be at their best, more of the time. All of our programmes support the curriculum and address key areas of inspection frameworks, especially focussed on wellbeing, behaviour and attitudes, and personal development.

Please watch the video below to review a few testimonials from people who have been through our workshops and programmes.

Our TEACH Programme

For educators and leaders

TEACH is all about being a great educator, leader and colleague, helping you find your optimum performance when working with others. Successful educators leverage their diverse knowledge and skills to excel, building a culture of trust and accountablility. We amplify your ability to teach, lead and be supportive by boosting your authenticiy, self-confidence and self-awareness. Successful teaching organisations are a highly effective team of teams, united by a compelling cause, powered by creativity and collaboration. TEACH builds understanding of team’ diversity and strengths, and fosters higher performance through new mindsets, habits and behaviours.

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Our COACH Programme

For educators and leaders

Coaching is a proven way to improve individual performance whether the desired outcome is better personal leadership, greater resilience, professional focus or productivity. COACH facilitates a fundamental shift in an individual’s mindset, behaviour and approach to the everyday. It is highly personalised to uniquely match the needs of you to transform results. COACH is available as a standalone solution or to reinforce the learning and impact from any of our programmes.

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Our FUEL Programme

For pupils

FUEL is all about excelling personally and academically by understanding, creating and utilising your best attributes more of the time. FUEL helps every person find their sense of purpose and belonging. Our aims are to:

  • Engage young people to understand and believe in themselves and their abilities
  • Energise young people to be resilient and thrive personally
  • Enable young people to play a positive role within their community

FUEL starts with values and builds a foundation based on mindset, resilience and wellbeing. We want to ensure that every person who completes a Meee FUEL course will have clarity about who they are, what is important to them and to have enhanced their social and emotional toolkit.

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What impact have we had?


Increase in positive feelings and thoughts regarding their physical and emotional envrionments.


Increase in positive thinking regarding creativity and creative thinking.


Increase in positive thoughts regarding regulating, controlling and increasing positive moods.


Increase in attitude towards gratitude and reasons for being grateful.


Increase in senses and feelings of being loved.


Increase in confidence. Increase in thoughts, attitude and views on ambition.


Increase in seeing learning as a positive experience to improve academic results.


Shift in positive mindset.


Increase in feelings of personal, social and community connectedness.


Increase in emotional strength (Emotional Intelligence and Positve Psychology).


Increase in personal, educational and career outlooks.


Increase in views and understanding of success and what it constitutes.

What are people saying about our programmes?

"The Meee Fuel Programme has been such a benefit to the pupils in this group. Each of the tutors bring so much energy, positivity and enthusiasm which transferred positively to the students each week. Each session is highly relevant and thought provoking and the manner in which they are delivered despite Covid restrictions ensured maximum involvement and understanding on the part of the young people. The sessions talk about topic that they can relate to, like bullying, depression, anxiety and wellbeing, and they are discussed honestly and openly, talking to them as adults rather than as children."

Tutor, FE College

"I want to take away that I can do literally anything with the mind I have. Learning is the most powerful act you can do, and you learn everyday. The more interactions you have, the smarter you become because you’re interacting with ALL different kinds of people of different faiths, beliefs and backgrounds. My attitude is what matters the most, my response shapes me, not other things or people."


"I’ve never felt that I would be any good at anything, but I now feel that I could do anything if I work hard and focus. The course has helped me a lot, and I now feel that I want to go to Uni which I didn’t think I would be good enough to do before."


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2 Office For National Statistics (2021)
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