Bangor Design Conference

Bangor Design Conference

This June, Meee attended the Bangor Design Conference held on behalf of Product Design Bangor. There, Sid gave a talk all about thinking, ideas, creativity and of course, The Meee Programme!

Along with Sid; Lego, Unilever and Frog also attended. The main focus of the event was to inspire, educate and expose students/delegates at Bangor to people they wouldn't normally meet. It was a great chance to make connections, meet people and talk about big ideas. We certainly felt privileged to be a part of this amazing conference.

Peredur Williams, a Lecturer of Education said: 
"You were the favourite talk for many of our students – your message definitely resonated with them.”

Throughout the day, many speakers, including Sid, discussed the high and low points during our journey for success - placing a lot of emphasis on the learning throughout our path rather than just the end product. It was a great opportunity to inspire each other to go out there and make a big impact on the world.

Alifa Martam, 2nd year student at Bangor said:

“I really enjoyed Bangor Design Conference due to the value I got from listening to the speakers due to the variety of their age, experience and current roles. It was insightful and gave me confidence to hear about the routes some of the speakers’ careers have taken, which was unconventional – and that is ok.”

We can't wait until next year!