Community Care Collaborative Event

Community Care Collaborative Event

Last week, Sid and Tony attended an amazing event in Wrexham. It was hosted by CCC (Community Care Collaborative) but with a focus on a strand of its work with CCH (Community Care Hub). The event was held to build on the great work done so far to help Wrexham’s most vulnerable/in need cohort. There were over 100 people at the event that all came to contribute some productive ideas on how to take the initiative to the next level.

The event was launched with a short talk from Glynne Roberts, the Homeless Lead (BCUHB) who pledged his support for the concert and discussed how it could be implemented in areas throughout North Wales. The highlight of the day was when 4 service users sat on stage and conducted short stories about their lives and their experiences with providers and how these services have helped them. It brought a tear to everyone’s eye to see people bravely sharing their life stories on stage.

Senior consultant and clinical lead for Wrexham, Dr Alberto, discussed BCUHB’s involvement from a mental health perspective and discussed how current services could be improved utilising the “Together for Mental Health” model.

Diane from Mind the Gap, performed a brief presentation of how MoneyPenny have developed a charitable arm which aims to coach women back into employment via their 26-week programme. It was inspiring to hear about current initiates that aim to help those in the local community.

The day was one of the biggest collaborative events in Wrexham and it was an amazing opportunity to enhance the partnership that is ever growing throughout North Wales. It was amazing to be a part of such a forward thinking, inclusive event.