It's Meee

It's Meee

It’s Meee

It’s here!! Our official video all about how Meee came to be narrated by our founder Sid Madge.

Gaz Jones, our wonderful videographer answered some questions about the process of filming and editing the video as well as telling us exactly what Meee means to him:

Q) How did you meet Sid?

A) I met Sid back in 2016. I had just graduated from Salford University with a bachelor’s degree in TV and Radio but came home to North Wales and signed on at the Job Centre because I didn’t know what else to do.

My work coach had told me about a job fair and it was there that I met Sid. He asked me to attend the Meee programme. At first, I didn’t participate much in the sessions apart from when I was asked to. As the sessions went on I became more open and vocal about myself as a person and about my opinions on certain topics.

By the final day, I felt I had a lot more in common with everyone on the programme as well as more confidence in myself and was eager to work more with Sid.

Q) How did you make the video?

A) After I had attended the programme I told Sid I was interested in creating a new video that better represented the brand while delivering the information in a more direct and simple way. I shadowed him for a few talks in Wrexham, Deeside and Holyhead to get more insight into the programme.

Once we had enough footage, we wrote and recorded a voiceover. Joe Edwards created some typography animations for us to use which allowed us to acknowledge more serious topics whilst keeping our video upbeat – something which fits the ethos of Meee.

Q) Are you involved with any more future films?

A) We are looking to create more films, documenting the progress of Meee. The documentary would more than likely not just follow Sid and the journey of Meee but would focus on the bigger discussion about the problems with an outdated education system and the effects it has on mental health.

The duration of the film would be much longer than anything I’ve worked on before and would require shadowing Sid for a much longer period.

Q) What does Meee mean to you?

A) To me, it means progress for the future of this world. It means self-empowerment, positivity, and hope.

I think the programme is an essential tool for tackling societal issues and changing the way people are educated about themselves and the world they are part of.

The dream is making it available worldwide to anyone, I think everyone would benefit from it.

My hope is that the films I make will help with getting us to that point.


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