Meee at #MENTRO17

Meee at #MENTRO17


Publish date: 09/01/17

Last week Sid was thrilled to be invited, on behalf of the Meee Programme, to talk at Ysgol y Preseli in Pembrokeshire as part of #Mentro17; a day of talks and sessions focussed on business and enterprise. The day started with team building activities before a series of interesting and varied talks began. Meee was lucky enough to give two talks through the course of the day; the first was on the topic of imagination and creativity, and how we are all creative all the time, sometimes we just don't realise it; during this Sid also spoke about the importance of education, not just in school, but throughout our whole lives. Sid was also honoured to be asked to give the key note speech of the day, in which he talked about the Meee programme and how it is important to understand and believe in who we are; and that our individuality is to be celebrated, variety being a wonderful thing, not something to be ashamed of.

“It was a pleasure to be part of #MENTRO17. What a brilliant way to engage with younger people about being in business and creative thinking. Let’s have more events like this.”

The whole day was fantastic for both students and invited speakers and Meee was thrilled to be involved. The other speeches given on topics such as; 'Knowing what you don't know', 'Telling the story of your idea', and 'Finding and idea/purpose', were both interesting and inspirational, and will stay with participants for a long time. The Meee programme is honoured to have been involved in such a great session and we would like to thank Ysgol y Preseli for inviting us and putting on such an amazing event.

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