Meee in Ysgol Ty Fynnon

Meee in Ysgol Ty Fynnon
Meee has recently spent two days with Ysgol Ty Fynnon. We had a wonderful experience with 20 great young people (children, but we struggle calling them that as they just younger big people!).
We explored many things, but the good topics were Difference and accepting that we all are; Happiness and Success and they can be found in everything we do; Being Grateful for the smallest of things as well as the big ones; and Learning and Education can be, and are fun, it’s just how you approach them.
Some words used to describe the two sessions: Amazing, Cool, Exciting. Quotes: “Can we do this every week?” and “I’m happier about being different”.
We are always so grateful for the amazing experience of working with youngsters and cannot wait to see each and every one grow in to successful, happy and driven adults!


"Face reality as it is, not as it was or as you wish it to be"
Jack Welch