Meee On Tour: The SightCare Conference

Meee On Tour: The SightCare Conference

Meee recently held a half-day workshop 'Organisations Don't Change, People Do' at the SightCare Conference in Telford.

Ultimately all business is about ‘People’. No business succeeds without them. The better we understand ourselves, each other and our customers the better we can serve them and build trusted business relationships over the long term.

In this interactive, informative and highly engaging session we explored the importance and power of words (language dancing), Martin Seligman’s optimism and pessimism bias, and why some organisations excel at being truly human (the power and science of kindness).

We also looked at some interesting exercises like the ‘Bag of Crap’ and, how this wonderfully simple little exercise can help us all think more positively, change our perceived limitations and learn how to swap our ‘Bag of Crappy’ with a ‘Bag of Happy’.

Sid Madge also presented his 60 minute, interactive key note session 'Making The Most Of Your Brand'. 

It was a wonderful couple of days meeting many members of the optical world, all with a passion to provide the best possible service and options for their customers.