Meee On Tour: VMG Congress

Meee On Tour: VMG Congress

We all love our pets don't we? For those of you who work as a veterinary professional it can be a difficult and a very challenging industry, as well as being very rewarding.

We know that they all want the very best for our pets, and it was lovely to hear how their personal values were connected to who they are, what they do and why they do it.

It was a real privilege to join this amazing community and see how they used this opportunity to learn, share and grow. Online life is not going away but there is no better way of getting together than truly getting together.

As I said in my session, if we want to build a kinder world then we ALL have to be kinder to ourselves and to others.

Here are some of the gorgeous changes people are going to make following the session:

"Stop the self doubt and know I can make change happen."
"Believe a little more, be brave."
"Strive to be authentically me and not my idea of who I should be."
“Random acts of kindness, travel more, engage with causes that move me.”
“More positive look on life, listen more and learn to say yes and be kind.”
“Live for today and be kind!”
“Increase my acts of kindness.”
“Consider the ‘Bag of Crap’ and radiate kindness.”

Thank you #VMG for a wonderful event. ????????

Thank you Richard James Casey it was a pleasure to meet you in person and share a hug!

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