Meee's Good Life Experience

Meee's Good Life Experience

This year, Sid was invited to deliver a talk at The Good Life Experience Festival in Hawarden, North Wales.

The event is held annually and welcomes people from all walks of life including big names such as Ben Fogle, Cerys Matthews, Stella Remington and many more to take part in a weekend of fun, family, and self-improvement.

As a guest speaker, Sid delivered a talk on the last day of the festival to a tent full of lovely people. Sid explored how Meee started, the importance of values and most of all, the notion of self-care. The talk struck a real chord with the audience as Sid places particular emphasis on Meee's mission to help others find new meaning and direction.

Sid commented:

"What an amazing event and I feel honoured to be amongst some amazing names in the world of literature, cooking and lifestyle. It was great to share the magic of Meee and meet some amazing people. Here’s to furthering the work we do in Liverpool and Manchester…"

Along-side Sid's appearance in the speaker's tent, Idler stocked a whole host of Meee Books publications to sell to festival-goers. Attendees had the opportunity to get their hands on currently un-released copies of Sid's upcoming books as well as our newly translated Welsh edition of Meee In A Minute. A huge thank you to Idler who helped us get one step closer to our goal - making Meee accessible to everyone. 

We had a fantastic time at The Good Life Experience and look forward to working with the festival again in the future.