Sid Shares #21

Sid Shares #21

Hi All!

Aha! February was a mixed bag. Cold, warm, sunny, indifferent, uneventful and extremely eventful all in the space of just 28 days. So here we are on the first of March hoping that Spring keeps springing and dear old Covid finds an early exit. Hopefully the roadmaps will prevail and we'll be hugging again soon...

Here is my March monthly dose of “Sid Shares.” A list of what I’m enjoying and exploring.

The above pic is of Bilbo, who has been my best friend for over 12 years. He sadly ate a piece of fish (fishing bait) left on a beach near where we live. It had 2 hooks in after some timely surgery he's now recovering and doing remarkably well. He's possibly the strongest most resilient being I have ever met. So this month I'm dedicating March to him. Whatever happens to him he marches (springs) on with a smile in his tail and a joy that few of us humans experience. I definitely need to be more Bilbo. We all need to be more Bilbo.

So with Bilbo in mind I'm naming March 'Pos'. I know I'm not sticking to convention and using everyday words, but where's the fun and joy in that. This month of March is all to do with 'Pos'. And here's why.

Those three letters can be found in some wonderful words. Take the word possibilities which can be found in the smallest micro details in our lives. The hugs, the smiles, the waves, the fleeting opportunities that come our way and the decisions we take every minute of every day, are just those. We may not think it but 'possible' is in everything we do. We just need to think of our lives in that way. I do a lot of reflecting (in a good way) and have long realised that it's me that holds me back and propels me forward. No one else. Who I am is down to me. Yes, I can blame others and wallow in my own discomfortable pit, but it's all down to me. I love 'Love Actually' and the ending scene is just so wonderfully crass that I watch it from time to time to remind me that life can be, and is that simple.

I recently came across the story of the amazing climber Dean Potter, who sadly died in 2015. What I loved about his life is his maverick approach to seeing the possibility in life. I love the way he describes his adventures as art. There are so many amazing things that he did in his life but this BASE jump with his dog Whisper is one of my faves. The possibility of actuality and fantasy.

I started watching Grey's Anatomy in February (I know over 15 years after it started) and have fallen in love with the series and it's cast. One of its writers is Shonda Rhimes, who is truly remarkable. Her list of achievements is breathtaking but it's her Ted talk that's captivated me. I love her honesty about how her 3 daughters changed her thinking and life. I think we forget the wonderful art of play and it takes our children to remind us that being a grown up is truly overrated. If you get a chance give it a watch.

What I've realised is that we do not know what is possible. All that is known is limiting and limitless. The joy of life is in discovering what is yet to be known. Are we limited by possibility or limitless by possibility. David Goggins in his brilliant book Can't Hurt Me talks about how most people are only living to 40% of their capability. For me I would rather fail trying to discover what I am truly capable of, and to embrace every possibility that comes my way. I hope you do too.

This quote is from Jean Piagat and is dedicated to possibilities:
“The goal of education is not to increase the amount of knowledge but to create the possibilities for a child to invent and discover, to create men [people] who are capable of doing new things.”

With 'Pos' in mind I've started doing one hour Facebook Live sessions to help change or shift our, and my thinking. If you fancy joining me here's the link. It's free and places are unlimited.

And just before you go...It is our role as beings to live with possibility. To share and pass on the hope of what’s possible. To expand our worlds to the infinite thought of the possible. And for us to believe in each other’s potential. The greatest minds are our children’s. Help them realise that they are all possible and that the world is their possibilities.

Happy March everyone :)

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With love, kindness and joy xxx

"Anything which is physically possible can always be made financially possible"
Robert A. Heinlein