What can you do with a pencil?

What can you do with a pencil?

Author: Tia Evans

Publish date: 19/12/17

What can you do with a pencil? Well, we want to know! Head to Facebook or Instagram to let us know. We will be posting a follow-up blog with everyone's answers. The best will, of course, win a Meee pencil!

Gary has written a small poem all about what he has done with his Meee pencil. Let us know what you can with yours.

"Meee and my never-ending Pencil "
With my one and only Pencil,
I can draw my way to a better life,
Or rewrite my whole destiny,
I can go on journeys and adventures,
I can fly to Infinity and beyond,
I can let go, I can be free,
Even though my release and Freedom is short lived,
I can and Will create myself into a better human being,
And bring a Smile to all that see"

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