5 Ways to Combat Stress For 2020

5 Ways to Combat Stress For 2020

Feeling stressed? Overworked? Burnt out? You aren't alone. Did you know that 40% of work-related absence is due to stress? We have compiled some research from our Meee workshops to come up with our top 5 ways to combat stress every day:

1. Take A Step Back
The first step towards feeling better when you are stressed is to step back and identify why exactly you are feeling anxious and overwhelmed in the first place. Finding the root of the problem can be difficult though, and we understand it isn't always a quick fix. We recommend trying to separate yourself from the stress and find connections between why you are feeling tired and how you can work to solve it.

Tip: Try making a list of all of the things that you worrying about and see if you can tackle each thing one at a time.

2. Breathe
Whenever you are freaking out, struggling to catch your breath or feeling like the walls are closing in, find space to sit down and breathe. Take long, deep breaths and focus all of your attention on expanding your lungs each time you inhale. Giving yourself the chance to breathe deeper and center yourself can help you to clear your mind and feel ready to tackle whatever obstacle is causing you to feel stressed in the first place.

3. The ABCs of Chill
This amazing brain exercise works wonders to help prevent re-occurring stress-related problems and can really improve your mental wellbeing. You cannot prevent triggering events from happening (A) but you can change how you respond to them (C). Before you try the ABCs of chill, we'd recommend writing a list of potential triggers that you are aware of already.

Example triggers: a busy social occasion, receiving feedback from your boss or confrontation from your partner.

A = Triggering event
B = Belief or perspective about the event
C = Emotional reaction to the event because of your beliefs at B

To avoid having an emotional reaction that results in stress, overthinking, anxiety and headaches how about the change up your B & C. 

B = Go back and insert a rational perspective to mitigate your reaction
C = Measured response a.k.a chill prevails

Each time you successfully change your response you will feel more prepared for when a trigger hits you unexpectedly.

4. Get Moving
A really great tip to help combat stress is to get moving. If that means exercising at the gym, going for a bike ride or even a short walk - any form of moving your body will help to clear your head and give you an amazing dopamine boost. Next time you're feeling stressed, get up off the sofa or take a short break from your desk. You'll be amazed at how reinvigorated you feel on your return.

5. Talk
This is our most valuable bit of advice for anyone who is feeling stressed. Talking to the person you work with, your partner, your parents or a friend can really help you to unload those pent up emotions and leave you feeling lighter and happier. Talking through some of your issues (big or small) can really help you to see a new perspective as well as giving you the chance to consider someone else's point of view.

However you decide to help combat stress there is no right or wrong way to do this. We all have our own personal obstacles and battles so what may seem small to one person may be a huge hurdle for someone else. 

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