Get A New Notebook

Get A New Notebook

Do you write things down? Make lists? Or maybe keep a diary? Research suggests that having a place to store all your thoughts can be the best way to organise your brain and keep your mind active and energised. 

But what about a NEW notebook?

Here at Meee, we suggest getting yourself a writing pad. Be it, a journal, diary, notebook - just something physical. Although there is a temptation to use the notes app on your phone or create some extensive Microsoft Word document on your computer, put it to one side and stick to pen and paper. A brand spanking new blank slate for all your new ideas.

See something inspiring? Read something interesting? Hear something life changing? Write it down. A new notebook can become the place in which you center yourself. Writing these ideas down makes them something physical, something real.

The benefits of having an actual place to write down all of your ideas can be great for not only your mental health but your productivity as well. Rather than endorsing the material on the internet, we want you to have a go at isolating yourself with nothing but blank pages and your imagination. Who knows what you might find out about yourself when you are alone with your creative, curious minds?

This in turn, enables a multitude of thoughts and feelings to pass through the brain, filtering out the negative, the speculative and the downright unnecessary. Your notebook should be a place to go to for happiness and encouragement from the person who knows you best, YOU.

Have a go at keeping a notebook in your bag or your coat pocket and see how creative your thoughts can become!


"A challenge only becomes an obstacle when you bow to it"
Ray A. Davis