Long Distance Friendship

Long Distance Friendship

Life can throw some seriously crazy things at us. Marriage, children, divorce, unemployment, bereavement - you name it, life is unexpected.  Friends and family get us through these key events but what happens when they move away? or you are no longer within reach of your bestie? Long distance friendships in 2018 are in no way shape or form a disaster. Thanks to mobile phones, commuter trains and the internet there is no reason your friendship should end! Here are our top 5 reasons long-distance friendships are actually great!

1. Your bond grows stronger

It's hard to believe you and your BFF could be even closer than you already are, but it's true! Having your bestie miles away from you could mean that are you more dedicated to communicating with them. That one phone call you share on a Friday or the 4am texts because of that pesky time distance just means that they appreciate the time you are putting aside just for them. 

2. You always have stuff to look forward too 

There is nothing more exciting than planning a holiday with your best friends and when you have a long-distance friendship, spending quality time together becomes an extra priority. Even if it's just for a couple days, a few hours or a quick phone call - you will always have time to look forward to. Who knows when your paths will cross? All you know for sure, is that they will!

3. You can still laugh with each other 

With social media and mobile internet, it has never been easier to share stuff with your friends. Whether it's a meme you saw on Reddit or that amazing new Netflix show, you can rest easy knowing your bestie won't miss out on anything. Maybe you could both watch a TV show at the same time, press play together and communicate via text. There is no reason to miss out on those fun things together so get creative and see what long distance activities you can come up with. 

4. You can practice your letter writing

Although writing with an actual pen and paper have seemingly gone out of fashion, there is always the computer. Using WhatsApp, Facebook messenger or even email can ensure that you can communicate with your best friend easily. It means you are able to practice your letter writing, filling each other in on key information you don't want them to miss. It's never been easier to communicate than now!

5. You reminisce and look forward to the future

The best thing about having a serious friendship is all of the memories that go along with it. You are able to reflect at the old times, make each other laugh and also ask for their advice for the future. There is no reason you have to feel left behind in a long-distance friendship! Your long-distance bestie knows you best, knows your past and could be best to advise you about the future!

Don't be brought down when your best friend moves away, it can be tough but also super rewarding. You may find you miss out on that regular coffee morning but instead, you are able to make a friendship last forever by solidifying it over many miles. Life is too short to forget about the best people in your life!


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