Staying Positive on Social Media

Staying Positive on Social Media

Since smartphones and tablets, we have all become obsessed with our own little corner of the internet. We often find ourselves using social media for several hours a day and sometimes it can easy to forget that negative influences online affect your life offline as well. Make sure to keep your space positive and check out our top 5 tips for staying happy online. 

1. Use the like button - Why don't we use it more? There is a reason why there is no "dislike" button online. Use it to spread happiness.

2. Post happy times - Make sure to share positive images and happy messages. Others want to see your joy too. By setting an example for your friends, your kids or any other peers on your social media you may just find they begin to share more too.

3. Get rid of negativity - Don't keep people on your friend's list who bring you down. Who cares about the number of people you are friends with? Make sure that you are happy with who can see your online posts and that you are surrounding yourself with messages of love and happiness. 

4. Keep your opinions private - Sometimes we don't agree with others but keep your online space positive by ensuring social media remains a drama-free space.

5. Step away - No. 1 rule is to take a break from social media. Put your phone away at meal times and make sure to stay present in every moment. Your social media presence doesn't always reflect real life joy. 

"Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it"
Albert Einstein