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Covid-19 has changed the world forever and is changing now faster than ever. Change brings unique challenges to us all and it’s our ability to adapt to it which ultimately determines our successes. At Meee we’re used to change and love the opportunity it brings. We’ve harnessed our best thinking and have developed our @Work programmes to meet the opportunities of the ‘new normal’ post Coronavirus. Contact us to find out more.

@Work - From SME to PLC

The success of any business whether SME or PLC comes down to its people. Are your people engaged, positive, productive, adaptable and resilient? We use our expertise to develop these traits so your business can thrive.

There are powerful links between employee engagement and business outcomes. Companies with highly engaged workforces outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share and realise:

These are phenomenal rewards for the businesses that take engagement seriously. Engagement starts with the human being in the role. It is a product of elevated self-awareness, a greater appreciation for personal strengths coupled with an understanding of fit both to the role and the culture.

From SME to PLC, we deliver life-changing workshops, tools and resources that focus on recruitment, resilience and retention. The three most expensive (and important) words in business. We help people make better choices that fosters engagement and creates happier, more productive and resilient people.

Meee Training

Meee Training

Our training has been extensively road tested over several years and we are able to tailor the training to deliver on your immediate priorities. From individual employee training to team training to management and leadership training, Meee starts with the human being. Working from the universal principle that everyone matters, everyone can improve and everyone can contribute and add more value, we help develop resilience, emotional intelligence and capability.

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Meee Coaching

Meee Coaching

Coaching is fully accepted and embraced in sport. Olympic Gold Medallists or Premiership football clubs don’t exist without an army of coaches and yet coaching is still considered novel in business. Coaching is a proven way to improve individual and team performance whether the desired outcome is sporting glory, business productivity, elevated engagement or effective stress management. It can be highly personalised to uniquely match the needs of the individual or team and can transform result.

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"A challenge only becomes an obstacle when you bow to it"
Ray A. Davis