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Regardless of social standing, ability and education we all have a right to exist, explore and enjoy the world around us. But not all of us know how to, or find this in any way easy. The need to find meaning in our lives is paramount to our health, wealth and wellbeing. Without a sense of purpose and direction we will not thrive as human beings. In order for us to be an active and positive part in our communities we need to find our place.

The Meee Education Programmes start with these fundamental principles and helps every attendee find their sense of purpose and belonging. Our goals are:

  • To empower people to understand and believe in themselves and their abilities.
  • To enable all people to personally thrive and grow.
  • To be a positive part of their community.

We want to ensure that every young person who completes a Meee Education Programme will have clarity about who they are, what is important to them and to have developed their skills. Therefore, leaving with a more sophisticated social and ‘emotional toolkit’, they have the attitude, skills and self-confidence to know that their start in life does not have to determine where they end up.

Addressing this ‘emotional toolkit’; needs to come before any academic success can be achieved.

What we offer

We offer talks, individual and group sessions, courses, workshops and activities that are a blend of mindfulness, resilience, self-awareness, mind-set and personal development, that enable pupils, parents and staff to live happier and more fulfilled lives. These activities are done in or out of the educational environment and we include outdoor, residential and classroom-based activities. We cater for all abilities, mainstream educated, excluded, disengaged and specialist providers.

All of our programmes are evidence based and an impact report will be provided for schools to use in their self-evaluation. Follow up sessions for individuals are included with at least one follow-up six weeks after programme completion. This is to ensure that the desired impact has been sustained or if there is any need for further support or intervention.

To date

We have delivered and piloted Meee Education workshops/talks/seminars to over 2,500 people in 35 schools, colleges and universities in Wales and England (ages 6 to mature students, teachers, staff and parents). We have trialed various formats to test whether the Meee principles work for different age and ability groups, and they do!

The success of these programmes has surpassed our expectations.

All of our education programmes are non-accredited. We truly believe that this offers the best opportunity for all pupils to focus on the process - participation, engagement, learning and fun - rather than the end product.

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"Children must be taught how to think, not what to think"
Margaret Mead