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Work is good for us. We all need to do something that creates meaning, purpose and direction in our lives.

The first national wellbeing survey found that people who have stable jobs are among the most likely to be satisfied with their lives. But unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be the case for many of us. With rising numbers of mental health issues such as depression and anxiety costing the UK economy £11 billion each year, we believe it’s never been more important to help people of all ages find a career that they value.

Meaningful work can make all the difference to a person’s sense of wellbeing - as well as being crucial to the economy. For example, a survey by management consultancy firm Gallup found that 63% of employees worldwide were not engaged at work, costing economies billions year in, year out.

The Meee Employment Programmes start with these fundamental principles and helps every attendee find their sense of purpose and belonging. Our goals are:

We want to ensure that every person who completes a Meee Employment Programme will have clarity about who they are, what is important to them and to have developed their skills. Therefore, leaving with a more sophisticated social and 'emotional toolkit', they have the attitude, skills and self-confidence to enjoy and prosper on their employment journey.

What we offer

We offer workshops in hourly formats as well as longer half and full day sessions. We offer one day, two day and four-day sessions depending on what you or your organisation needs. These can be delivered at your organisation or at an off-site venue.

Our Meee Employment Programme begins with a 30-minute informal session delivered at your venue, designed to ease anxieties and provide information about the sessions to come. Our programmes are evidence based with a tailored action plan provided to individuals, work coaches and employers (as relevant). This is to enable individuals to continue development after completion of the course as well as to ensure the desired impact has been sustained or if there is any need for further support or intervention.

To date

We have delivered our Meee Employment programme throughout Wales, working closely with the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) and have delivered our courses to over 500 individuals. Over 98% of attendees stated our employment workshop was a positive experience and many have found meaningful work as a result of our programme.

The success of these programmes has surpassed our expectations.

All of our employment programmes are non-accredited. We truly believe that this offers the best opportunity for all attendees to focus on the process - self-reflection, empowerment, resilience and happiness - rather than the end product.

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