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Our Enterprise Workshops increase productivity, employee engagement and company happiness…

Our enterprise workshops, talks and sessions have achieved:

  • Ofsted rated our enterprise workshops as ‘Outstanding’
  • 98% of attendees find our workshops to be a positive experience
  • Businesses have seen a 20% rise in productivity and profitability
  • 19% increase in employee engagement and retention

Our enterprise workshops are a must for any business of any size.

In the UK, entrepreneurs make a huge contribution to our society. With 5.2 million small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in business at the end of 2015, with a combined turnover of £3,700 billion, they drive our economy by raising competition, increasing productivity and fuelling innovation. And, by employing in excess of 25.9 million people, they create a large and vital number of jobs.

From a carpenter setting up as a sole trader, to technology start-ups making new ideas a reality, no two entrepreneurs are the same. What they share however, is knowledge about what they want to be, belief in their own abilities, and a drive to achieve their goals. But what about the rest of us?

Meee Enterprise Workshops

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Meee Enterprise Workshops

Our enterprise workshops have had some amazing results:

  • 98% of attendees find our workshops to be a positive experience
  • Businesses have seen a 20% rise in productivity and profitability
  • 19% increase in employee engagement and retention
  • 65% of attendees report our workshops have had a significant impact on developing positive relationships
  • 37% of attendees report a significant impact in reducing levels of stress
  • Our Enterprise workshops have turned thinkers in to do’ers and seen individuals and businesses grow and thrive
  • We’ve even had an ‘Outsatnding’ from Ofsted for our enterprise sessions!

We offer workshops in half and full day formats. These can be delivered at your organisation or at an off-site venue. They typically cater for up to 20 people and include all printed and interactive resources. We can deliver to larger numbers but these workshops tend to be the half and full day formats.

What people say about our Meee Enterprise Workshops and Talks

Thanks so much for Tuesday. Al and I really found it very informative and energising! You were brilliant and we were really touched by your kindness. We have adopted JBN!

It was a thoroughly enjoyable, inspirational and useful day yesterday. You obviously have a great passion for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm and I really loved how the day went, with so much interaction and little swerves off the path yet always brought back, in a timely way, to the subject in question. It was such an interesting mix of experiences and businesses.

Untapped potential

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At the moment, our mainstream education system does not develop key skills and competencies related to enterprise and entrepreneurship. It is important to note here that enterprise does not solely mean setting up a business, but developing a sense of initiative and resourcefulness - both highly sought-after skills among today’s employers.

The Meee Programme helps people of all ages understand that enterprise is about showing initiative. For many of our course participants, a vital first step towards developing these skills is understanding what they want to get out of life. At Meee, we help them identify their unique motivations and skills, and support them to restore confidence in their own abilities.

From education to enterprising

Through our Meee Enterprise workshops, we help people understand that becoming more self-aware is vital to achieving what they want in life. We explore just what it means to be enterprising, assisting people to set individual milestones on the path to achieving their aims. We encourage them to build the resilience to cope with setbacks on the way, and the perseverance to keep working towards their goals.

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