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Prison officer at HMP Berwyn

It costs over £30,000 a year to keep a prisoner in prison in the UK. Add to that the thousands of pounds it costs for a conviction, plus the post sentence costs then the present prison system is not financially viable.

Prison numbers and reoffending rates are increasing globally.

Prisons are under pressure to find a way to rehabilitate, educate and give prisoners direction and a sense of purpose. We believe the Meee Programme can reduce sentence time, increase prisoner engagement with prison courses and reduce reoffending rates.

We believe that everyone needs to find meaning in their lives regardless of their situation. In prison this statement could not ring truer.

Without a sense of purpose and direction we will not thrive as human beings. In order for us to be an active and positive part in our communities we need to find our place.

Given that most prison environments are hostile and negative the chances of a positive outcome to sentencing is very low. Our aim is to reverse this reality.

The Meee Prison Programmes start with these fundamental principles and helps every attendee find their sense of purpose and belonging. Our goals are:

What we offer

We offer talks, individual and group sessions, courses, workshops and activities that are a blend of mindfulness, resilience, self-awareness, mind-set and personal development. These enable staff, prisoners and families to live happier and more fulfilled lives. These activities are done within or outside of prison environments. We cater for all abilities regardless of social standing.

All of our programmes are evidence based and an impact report is provided for individuals and associated governing bodies. Follow up sessions are included to ensure that the desired impact has been sustained or if there is any need for further support or intervention.

To date

We have successfully adapted and piloted our Meee Employment Programme in HMP Berwyn, North Wales (Europe’s second largest prison) in 2018.

The success of these programmes has surpassed our expectations.

All of our prison programmes are non-accredited. We truly believe that this offers the best opportunity for all attendees to focus on the process - participation, engagement, learning and fun - rather than the end product.

We are now looking to embed a 12-month programme at HMP Berwyn. Our aim is to coach some of the men to become support trainers and then to run the sessions. We’ll also set up Meee mentoring sessions on a regular basis to encourage personal, professional and family based development. We will also look at a ‘through-the-gate’ support service in the UK to help them once released.

We believe our Meee Prison Programme will reduce reoffending, sentence time and create more ‘work-ready’ individuals.

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