HMP Berwyn in Wrexham, North Wales


Meee in HMP Berwyn (Europe’s second largest prison)

Prison officer at HMP Berwyn

Prison numbers and reoffending rates are increasing globally. Prisons are under pressure to find a way to rehabilitate, educate and give prisoners direction and a sense of purpose. We believe the Meee Programme can and has.

We have successfully adapted and piloted our Meee Employment Programme in HMP Berwyn, North Wales (Europe’s second largest prison) in 2018.

The results have been amazing:

Some quotes and insights taken from our Meee Prison Programme

This course has done more for me in these last 5 days, than the last 9 years of my sentence… Thank you from depths of my heart!

Whole heartedly exceptional, mind blowing and life changing. You both deserve a medal

It’s inspired me to help other people. I’ve now become a council rep on my wing

This course should be in every prison

We are now looking to embed a 12-month programme at HMP Berwyn. Our aim is to coach some of the men to become support trainers and then to run the sessions. We’ll also set up Meee mentoring sessions on a regular basis to encourage personal, professional and family based development. We will also look at a ‘through-the-gate’ support service in the UK to help them once released.

We believe our Meee Prison Programme will reduce reoffending, sentence time and create more ‘work-ready’ people.

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