Why Meee?

School children at Meee workshop

We understand there’s a whole host of barriers and reasons why people don’t actively seek out and stay in education or employment. But broadly, the issues the Meee Programme supports people with fall under three key areas: Education, Employment and Enterprise. With an overarching aim to give people tools and guide them to insights that help them get to grips with who they are.

Meee workshops

Everyone’s different, so Meee workshops are highly personalised. We take a focused approach, working with small groups so that course leaders and participants can quickly build trusting relationships - an important foundation for sharing advice.

However, one thing most attendees have in common - 85% in fact - is that they identify themselves as ‘determined’. So we always put this strong attribute to work when helping people build a robust set of values to shape their lives around.

"Workshops are brimming with energy and enthusiasm,
which flows from the Meee team to the participants."

Overcoming barriers

The Meee Programme tackles a whole spectrum of issues, from confidence to circumstances, attitude to aptitude. While each situation is unique, we believe it’s important for everyone to concentrate on their positive traits and qualifications, not the barriers they’re up against. Step one is to recognise those obstacles. Then, by examining the impact they are having on education or employment opportunities, Meee supports people to overcome them.

Find out more about how Meee tackles issues relating to Education, Employment and Enterprise.

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If you feel you need support in overcoming a barrier, or knowing how to make the most of yourself, or want to know anything else about the programme, or organising workshops for you or your organisation, then talk to a member of a team about it today. You can call 01248 354 003, email info@meee.global, or send us a message.

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