High school educational workshop provided by Meee

It can seem as though education in the UK is all about exams, results and beating the competition. Many young people feel under increasing amounts of pressure and - as a result - ideas, innovation and creativity can go unrecognised. It’s more important than ever for programmes such as Meee to support and empower students - at every age.

Of course, we need to encourage young people to do the best they can. But it’s clear a balance needs to be reached. By reaching out to students who feel disillusioned with learning, we can close the divide between the needs of employers and the abilities of students - tomorrow’s employees.

Bridging the skills gap

Another side of exam results based education is that soft skills prized by employees - from listening, teamwork, and speaking to people confidently - often fall by the wayside. Not only does this damage young people’s employment prospects and impact the wider economy - it’s also affecting students’ wellbeing. Anxiety-related disorders are on the rise while truancy is a major problem. Many feel they don’t fit in the traditional academic model. And that’s leading to young people with low self-worth, confidence and determination to succeed.

It’s a square peg, round hole situation. But by encouraging students to focus on their unique skills and set individual goals, Meee reignites their sense of purpose and sets them on a personal path to employment. In turn, that can have a positive knock-on effect in the classroom to the family home - and throughout society as a whole.

Supporting school leavers

For many students, disillusionment with learning comes to a head when embarking on post-16 education. A recent Local Government Association report found that in 2013 alone, 10.8% of learning objectives (including apprenticeships, A-Levels and diploma courses) weren’t completed. Not only is that a problem for students themselves, the cost of uncompleted courses reached a staggering £814 million, equivalent to 12% of FE spending for the year.

Because we understand that everyone is an individual, we know that varying styles of education resonate differently with each of us. For instance, while a university course might be right for some young people, others will get the most value out of an apprenticeship. So we help them discover where their interests lie, what they want to be - and the best path to get there. By encouraging students to unlock what motivates them at an early stage, we hope that more and more will go on to complete further education and training, and begin the careers they want.

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