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The first national wellbeing survey found that people who have stable jobs are among the most likely to be satisfied with their lives. But unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be the case for many of us. With rising numbers of mental health issues such as depression and anxiety costing the UK economy £11 billion each year, we believe it’s never been more important to help people of all ages find a career that they value.

Meaningful work can make all the difference to a person’s sense of wellbeing - as well as being crucial to the economy. For example, a survey by management consultancy firm Gallup found that 63% of employees worldwide were not engaged at work, costing economies billions year in, year out.

Boosting the national mood

A huge part of this problem is that people don’t realise what skills they have. For example, soft skills such as listening, teamwork and confidence in speaking to others are hugely valued by lots of employers - but are often overlooked by the individual. This in turn can lead to a lack of motivation in finding work.

At Meee, we strive to help people at every step on the career ladder rediscover this motivation and regain self-confidence. We provide space and guidance for them to pin down their skills and values - and encourage them to see that there are plenty of jobs where these could be expressed. After working with them to set personal goals, we’ve been inspired to see many of our course participants begin to look towards their futures more positively.

Transitioning from school to the working world

An apprenticeship? A-levels or college, followed by university? Getting a job? Young people face a huge number of choices when finishing school at 16 - all with the potential to change what they’ll do in life. So it’s no surprise that many struggle with the transition. With a 2015 report for the Local Government Association finding a rise in the number of 16-18 year olds classed as NEET, it’s clear that young people need more support at this challenging time.

At Meee, we also hold employment workshops specifically for this age group. Through personalised sessions, we can offer them vital guidance that can help them plan their next move, and work towards jobs that not only fit their skills, but make them happy.

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