Transforming the way teachers respond to learning

Transforming the way teachers respond to learning

With the increasing pressures on young people to succeed in their education, go on to study at university and succeed in life, it’s no wonder that it’s been revealed that 60-80% of young people are suffering from mental health, depression and anxiety.

Meee - the groundbreaking programme that encourages positivity and demonstrates how to live a more stress-free and enjoyable life, has teamed up with Flint High School to transform the way its staff teach the students, and how they respond to learning. Working closely with Jim Connelly, Flint High School’s headteacher, Meee has achieved some astounding results.

With 66% of pupils feeling less worried about being different, and 67% feeling more positive about themselves and school after just three hours of experiencing the Meee programme - focusing on the bigger picture, asking themselves what they really want out of life and what they stand for as a person.

Working with the staff at Flint High School has enabled the Meee Programme to really focus on helping students fall in love with learning again by reengaging them with a better understanding of who they are as individuals.

Following the life-changing experience of the Meee Programme, one teacher said:” For the first time in 15 years of teaching and sitting on all manner of ‘training courses’, this is the first time I really feel I have experienced something incredibly powerful, thought provoking and potentially life changing. I was genuinely gutted when the session ended today.”

The teachers of Flint High collectively reported that they felt as though they had been awakened after finishing the course. It provided them with the chance to open up the conversation about their hopes and frustrations as they realised they all had the same aspirations for the school - a united school, is a happy one.

Meee want to ensure that the staff at every school are engaged with teaching and feel content, supported and most importantly confident in their lessons. After running the education pilots, we confirmed that staff confidence rose by 19% after just two one-hour sessions of the Meee Programme, with teachers feeling bonded as a team and as a faculty.

To begin our journey with this fantastic high school, Meee delivered two, two-day sessions with a select group of teachers from Flint High. Over the two-day sessions we spent the first day really getting to grips with why teachers choose to be in their industry and what impact their life experiences have had on their classroom.

Pupils taking part stated that they felt it was a great chance to step back from exam and Estyn stress and focus on becoming engaged with their teaching styles and love for learning all over again.

Teacher, Victoria Smith from Flint High said: “I enjoyed the self-reflection and opportunity to explore the meaning of education and what it can mean with colleagues.”

During the teachers’ second day of the Meee programme, the focus was on how to improve the students’ overall experiences, not just during their lessons. Helen Jones, Winner of the Outstanding New Teacher Award in Wales said:

“My favourite part of Meee was being able to talk openly and honestly. Having people listen and have conversations that [we] wouldn’t normally have.”

The two-day workshop provided the teachers with an opportunity to not only share their life stories that they previously hadn’t discussed but also the chance to think about ways to make learning more fun and enjoyable for everyone.

We hope that by partnering with the school, in which teachers from Flint High will deliver our programme via Pastoral sessions, we will be able to help students feel stronger and more confident in not only their ability to succeed but to be happy as well. Adam Goody said that the programme meant he could “think about students in KS4 and how I can help to shape mindsets by drawing them to positive strategies to enable belief in areas they may struggle in.”

Listen to what the teachers themselves have to say:

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