10 reasons to volunteer when you're unemployed

10 reasons to volunteer when you're unemployed

During our employment sessions we always recommend that people volunteer while they are looking for work. We think volunteering is a fabulous thing to do and here are our top 10 reasons to do it:

  1. It gives you a new perspective

For example, you might be fortunate enough to have never experienced true loneliness, but volunteering at a lunch club for the elderly will allow you to talk to people who may be seriously lonely and allows you to understand their situation. This is true for a variety of different volunteering opportunities which allow you to see life from someone else’s point of view.


  1. You could gain recognised qualifications

Potential qualifications can come in a variety of forms, for example, if you volunteer in a kitchen then you might be able to take a food hygiene course or first aid, all of these look great on a CV.


  1. It allows you to test out a potential field of interest

This is true for a variety of roles, for example, you might be interested in a job in healthcare but have no experience, volunteering allows you to test out the roles without having to commit to anything.


  1. It gives you recent experience to put on a CV

Being unemployed for a long time can be hard to explain on a CV, if you volunteer then you can start to fill those gaps.


  1. You’re able to meet new people, make friends and expand your network

Becoming unemployed often dramatically reduces the number of people we interact with, by volunteering you can meet lots of people who might go on to become good friends.


  1. It gives you something really impressive to talk about at job interviews

Giving up your time for nothing is a very selfless thing to do and employers love it!


  1. It gets you out of the house and provides you with a focus

Unemployment often means we don’t leave the house all that often, volunteering provides structure to the day like a job would, it’s great practice!


  1. It could lead to a paid job

If the organisation you are volunteering for have a paid position come up, the fact that you already work with them is a massive advantage for you. Someone you volunteer with might know of a job coming up and could recommend you. This is not guaranteed but it does happen.


  1. You can learn new skills and develop existing ones

This is something that employers really value; volunteering shows that you’re are willing to learn new things and push yourself.


  1. To give back to your local community

We all use services run by volunteers, sometimes without even realising it, so it’s good to say thank you and give some of your time in return.


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