Couple Appreciation Month

Couple Appreciation Month

This April, we are celebrating National Couple Appreciation Month. It's an entire 4-week event dedicated to couples re-finding that spark and celebrating their relationship.

Why we LOVE couples appreciation month:

1. It's Time To Break Out The Flowers

It's easy to forget about the flowers you used to buy your partner or that special dinner date you took them on. But, couple’s appreciation month gives you a great excuse to revive the romance in your relationship. 

2. It's Not Just A Day

Let's forget about Valentine’s day for a second and concentrate on this amazing month you have to celebrate your love for each other. A total of four weeks in April means at least a date night once a week is easily doable. Make a promise to plan a new night out or a day trip somewhere you have never been. 

3. An Excuse For Trip Down Memory Lane

Take a trip to that place where you first met, re-explore those amazing memories that brought you together. This month is all about finding out what makes you both great together and shouting it from the rooftops.

Small things you can do this month:

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