Job Profile - Electrical Contractor

Job Profile - Electrical Contractor

Welcome to the second in a new series of posts for Meee, each week we will be bringing you an interview with people working in various industries to give you a better idea of what certain jobs entail, allowing you to better understand a job, decide if it is for you and finally to tailor any application. Our first interview was with an Equine Groom and you can find that interview here.

Today’s interview is with a self-employed Electrical Contractor who works 6 days a week, 8am to 8pm Monday to Saturday. Every day and week is different in this job, with “some weeks concentrating on one large project [while] others can be six small jobs with lots of travelling”. In this job it is important to have good problem solving skills, be able to work under pressure, but most of all it’s important to have a friendly personality.

When asked about the role, our interviewee said that it was the customers that made a sometimes repetitive job interesting; especially “when they make you a good cup of tea,” and they are what makes this job so enjoyable. However, the main down side of this kind of work is the antisocial hours.

We asked each person what they would be looking for in an application if they were to be employing someone for their role. For an Electrical Contractor our interviewee said that dedication, lateral thinking, and loyalty were the key attributes needed.

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